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December 2013 Newsletter

Philips AEDs Recalled


Philips Healthcare is conducting a voluntary recall of a limited number of HeartStart automated external defibrillators (AEDs). This voluntary recall of specific HeartStart OnSite and Home Defibrillators (HS1) and HeartStart FRx AEDs is being conducted with the knowledge of the appropriate Regulatory Agencies.


For more info read the article at Philips Medical:



To check if your device is part of the recall, enter the serial number at:



Changes Coming to ActionEdu.com


In January we will launch new course material and a streamlined website.  Check back to see all the changes.  If you are registered user at the site, you will find more resources and information on the “My Account Page”.  Remember you have access to the online course material for 1 year after course registration.  Review the material often to be prepared for the unexpected.



It’s Cold Out There, Is Your Car Ready For An Emergency?


The following list of supplies kept in your emergency car kit will serve you well if an adverse situation arises in your automobile.

Basic Auto Emergency Kit

Keep these items in a bag in your trunk:

Battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries


Booster cables

Bottled water and nonperishable high-energy foods such as granola bars, raisins, and peanut butter

Fire extinguisher (5-lb., A-B-C type)

First-aid kit and manual

Maps, shovel, flares

Tire repair kit and pump

Spare tire

For Winter Driving

A snowbrush and ice scraper

A bag of sand to help with traction

Extra windshield fluid

A blanket, just in case

Old winter boots and clothes for the trunk


A Few Winter Driving Tips

Keep your gas tank filled above halfway to avoid emergencies in bad weather.

Stuck on the ice without sand or cat litter? In a pinch, you can take the mats out of your car, place them next to the tires, and slowly inch the car onto and across the mats.

To restore proper windshield wiper blade action, smooth the rubber blades with fine sandpaper to remove any grit and pits.

Gently rub a small, moistened, cloth bag of iodized salt on the outside of your windshield to prevent the ice and snow from sticking.

Fog-proof your mirrors and the inside of your windshields with shaving cream. Spray & wipe if off with paper towels.

Avoid driving when you have the flu, which can reduce your reaction time almost six times as much as moderate alcohol intake.