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September is National Preparedenss Month

Business Owners Visit the Ready.gov website for more info, click image.      

Planning ahead for disasters and emergencies is the easiest way to lessen the impact of these events.  We will be postinng new information weekly for your home and business to help you plan for emergencies.

Need a disaster plan and kit?  Please download our free Emergency Planning Workbook, including first aid and disaster kit checklists.

Click here to download the Emergency Planning Workbook.

If you have a disaster kit, now is the time to check the supplies.

  • Replace water annually.
  • Check the batteries in your flashlights and other portable devices.
  • Check the expiration dates on medications and replace as needed.
  • Rotate any food supplies.
  • Review the checklists, do you have all the necessary supplies.
  • Replace moisture control products to prevent mold in you kit.
  • Test all equipment.

Take a First Aid and CPR Class.
10% discount available for our online courses. Use discount code GPR100 when purchasing. 

Go to Course Page.