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Authorized Training Center Policies

How does it work?
This program has two components. Students must complete both components to receive a certification card. The first component is the on-line course with quizzes and final exam. After the students have completed the e-learning portion, they must attend a skills class offered by an Authorized Training Center. Each skills class should take approximately 1 - 1.5 hours.

Action Safety Education, Inc. receives payment for the online course. Authorized training centers set their own price for the skills class and the fee for hands-on training is paid directly to the Authorized Skills Training Center.

These courses meet or exceed the OSHA and American Heart Association guidelines for CPR, AED and First Aid training (courses are not for healthcare providers or professional rescuers).

How to join:

  • Training centers must currently offer one or more following:
    • American Heart Association
    • American Red Cross
    • National Safety Council
    • American Safety & Health Institute
    • EMS Safety Services
    • Medic First Aid
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Email copies of your teaching certification cards within 5 business days of acceptance notification.
  • After your application is accepted, you will be issued access all online courses.
  • All instructors are required to complete the online courses before teaching the skills classes. No charge to registered instructors.
  • No membership fees
  • A Training Center Manual will be sent via email to each training center director after ASEI has approved your training center and received teaching certification cards.

Skills Classes
Student’s must present the online course completion certificate to the skills instructor before attending the hands-on skills course. Students must demonstrate proficiency in the skills as outlined in the Training Center Manual and the online course material.  After completing both components of the courses, Authorized Training Centers will issue certification cards.

Student to Instructor Ratios
First aid skills courses require a maximum of 20 students : 1 instructor.

CPR and AED courses require a maximum of 10 students : 1 instructor. It is recommended no more than 10 students per classroom.

First Aid and CPR Training Equipment Requirements
First Aid Courses require the following equipment:

  • Gloves for each student.
  • 4x4 gauze pads and elastic bandages for each student
  • Blankets, 1 per every 3 students
  • 1 Epi-pen Trainer for every 2 students

Adult CPR & AED Course required training equipment:

  • Maximum of 1 adult manikin per 2 students
  • Recommended 1 manikin per student
  • Clothing on each manikin
  • Knee cushion for each participant
  • 1 AED Trainer per 5 students
  • Gloves for each student
  • CPR training shileds if students are sharing amnikins
  • It is recommended students bring their own CPR mask if they own one.

Completion Cards
After successfully completing both the online and hands-on skills course, participants receive a completion card. CPR & AED cards are valid for 2 years. First Aid cards are valid for 2 years. Cards are issued by the Authorized Skills Training Centers within 30 days of course completion. 

Required Paperwork

  • Training Centers/Instructors must complete the online application form and provide copies of current teaching certification cards within 30 days of application.
  • Complete a course roster for each class.
  • Each student must complete an evaluation form.
  • Course rosters and evaluation forms must be kept for 3 years.
  • Provide copies of rosters and evaluation forms to Action Safety Education, Inc. upon request.

Quality Control
Periodically, Action Safety Education, Inc. may contact students directly to gain valuable feedback. This information will be used to assure both the e-learning and hands-on-skills instruction meet or exceeds the student’s expectations. Student information will not be sold or distributed.

Instructors are encouraged to make suggestions to Action Safety Education, Inc. regarding course content and program quality.

Reminder Notification
Action Safety Education will send reminders to students to renew their certifications. This will generate repeat business for authorized training centers.

Find a Training Center
All authorized training centers will be listed at www.actionedu.com.

Action Safety Education, Inc. may terminate the training center agreement at any time.